Affected services:

  • Incoming Calls

Inbound call issues

Opened on Wednesday 20th September 2017, last updated

Resolved — We consider this to now be fully resolved and we've received no further issue reports from the upstream carrier.

Posted by Adam West

Monitoring — The upstream provider has now identified the issue and resolved it, and they will be carrying out further investigation into why the problems occurred during this afternoon. All inbound calls are routing correctly and we will continue to monitor.

Posted by Adam West

Identified — The upstream provider has informed us that their engineers believe they may have isolated the fault and are now working on a resolution.

Posted by Adam West

Investigating — The upstream provider is continuing to investigate the ongoing calling issues which appear to be affecting inbound and some outbound calls through the network, we do not yet have any further detail to share but will update again shortly.

Posted by Adam Cooke

Investigating — We are aware of reports of a problem with some calls to numbers on our network, our team are currently investigating and we will be providing updates shortly.

Posted by Adam West